Project for European Offshore Renewable Energy

ENCORE – Energizing Coastal Regions with Offshore Renewable Energy»

«Energizing Coastal Regions with Offshore Renewable Energy»

Energising Coastal Regions with Offshore Renewable Energy (ENCORE), offers advanced technical and business support services to accelerate the offshore renewable energy sector in the 2 Seas region, covering the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and United Kingdom. The only participating country outside the European Union is Colombia, through the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, (UCC). It is a Project of Academia, Research Institutions, and Industry Partnership.

Principal Investigator from UCC: Prof Dr Ramon Fernando Colmenares Quintero
Email : ramon.colmenaresq@ucc.edu.co



Common Challenge:

The 2SEAS coastal regions can play a crucial role in addressing one of the EU’s largest challenges: the energy transition from a system based on fossil fuels to a flexible and interconnected system based on renewable energy resources. Near our coasts we can generate predictable and reliable electricity from the power of sun, wind, and water (tides, currents, and waves). The region is perfectly positioned to become the industry leader. Globally, 66% of tidal and 52% of wave energy technologies are from the EU. Test centres deliver services to demonstrate innovations in real-life environments and a strong offshore sector is urgently seeking new opportunities.

The absence of a comprehensive piloting approach in a transnational setting hampers accelerated deployment of Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE). National Renewable Energy Action Plans signed in 2009, targeted 400 MW of additional installed capacity of ORE towards 2016 in the EU, while only 14 MW new capacity has been realized to date.

Overall Objective:

The objective of this project is to advance five innovative offshore renewable energy technologies, (2 wave energy convertors, 2 water current turbines and 1 offshore floating solar), from TRL 4/5 to TRL 5/6,  in a structured process, in close collaboration with technical and commercial service providers.

  • Attract finance, creating jobs and making economic impact in the 2SEAS region through involving both, large and SME enterprises, financiers, and regulators in the region through a series of focussed regional events.
  • To develop training material to educate young talent employed in this emerging sector in order to facilitate the accelerated commercialization of offshore energy solutions for islands, estuaries and offshore wind farms.
  • To contribute to the development of international certification for wave, river, and floating solar convertors in order to increase the export opportunities.

Main outputs

ENCORE delivers:

I. Five innovative Offshore Renewable Energy Technologies advance from TRL4/5 to TRL 5/6:

  • Water2Energy river current turbine
  • EEL Energy undulating water current turbine
  • Laminaria wave device
  • Symphony wave device
  • Oceans of Energy floating solar plant

II. Technology development support services (Engineering support, certification, surveillance, and quality monitoring, testing)

III. Commercial support services (business development, financing)

IV. Improved international technical specifications and certification schemes for use by the entire sector

V. Resource kit for training and education of young professionals

VI. Engaged supply chain through a series of targeted regional events and workshop


Cross-border Approach:

Transnational cooperation between technology developers, supply chain, regulators, test centres and institutes are paramount for commercialising ORE for export across the world, for local job creation and attracting investors. The 2SEAS region is blessed with abundant wind, solar, wave and tidal resources, thus allowing cross-border export of know-how solutions. Regions should cooperate on strengthening and engaging regional supply chain, developing joint policies for support and learn from commercial experience in offshore oil and gas, water management, harbour management and offshore wind. The cooperation will take place in the project through joint work on activities by all project partners from different countries and outside the project through engaging with education (for cross-border training), with supply chain (through sub-contracting and organising events), regulators (through meetings), and with stakeholders through social media, press releases, newsletters.

What Is New?

Current ongoing projects focus mainly on individual priority areas to improve ORE. For example, the Horizon 2020 MaRINET2 project and INTERREG NWE FORESEA project focus on priority area 1 (testing of sub-systems and devices), and the INTERREG 2SEAS MET-Certified project focusses on the development of standards and certification for tidal stream solutions. There is a need for a project combining transnational lessons learned in a stepwise approach to deliver readyto-market ORE solutions. This project, called “Energising Coasts with Offshore Renewable Energy (ENCORE)”, will demonstrate multiple technologies in 5 pilots (wave energy convertors, water current turbines and offshore floating solar panels), and develops open-source tools & services to facilitate the accelerated commercialisation of ORE solutions. This “solution-based approach” is innovative and new to the Ocean Energy Sector.